Monday, May 20, 2013

Review, Interview, and Excerpt from The Siren's Secret.

I am in absolutely in love with today's blog tour stop at Cover Bound. Mallory is an amazing host, and if you hop over to her blog you'll see the review, interview, and excerpt from The Siren's Secret. As a bonus you'll get to see awesome stuff like this:

It's totally worth it. I love her blog, please stop by!

Here are some of my favorite questions from the interview:

Have you considered ever writing a novella from different character’s perspective to accompany the series?

I’ve thought many times about writing from Alexis’s perspective. I like getting into the villain’s head and seeing what drives them to do the things they do. I like villains that are complex and unpredictable.

 I love Ossai and Sirenity. How did you develop those worlds? Did somewhere you visit inspire those worlds?

Thank you so much. Yes, my traveling adventures have definitely inspired the settings for my books. England and Italy helped to shape Ossai, and Sirenity was largely influenced by The Caribbean and The Mexican Rivera.

Did Julia or her comrades ever take you down a different road then you had planned while writing?

Definitely. So many characters have changed, and one character in particular was going to betray Julia, however I stopped him. Sometimes you have to go with your gut, and your outline goes to the trash. It takes more time, but you have to write the story until you feel good about each scene and each character.

Happy Reading! 

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  1. great questions and answers. I learn something new about you or your book every time I read your blog.