Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome to Adventures in Writing. 

This blog is not updated often, but please feel free to read past posts about writing, reading, and everything related to The Shapeshifter's Secret Series. Recently I've been working on a new young adult series and will post more when I have updates! Until then, you can find me at and Instagram

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Epic Reads Book Challenge

I was tagged by the wonderful Kathryn Cooper for the Epic Reads Book Challenge, which you can find below. Annnnnnnnnd now I tag YOU! 

Just for fun, answer these questions: 

What book turned you into a reader? 
If you could have dinner with any author, EVER, who would you choose? 
If you could have two characters from two separate novels meet, who would you choose? 

You can tweet, blog, or make a video with your answers. Tag me when you complete the challenge so I can see your answers!

P.s. I said the challenge name wrong, but I was so close! And the video is kind of long (to put it lightly). Asking an author to answer these questions is just a recipe for ranting. So it's long. And the lighting is dark. And I'll stop typing now! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What's in YOUR future?

Hey guys! How is your 2015 going so far?

I've been wanting to share this drawing for some time. Remember that amazing, talented, wonderful fan named Anastasia? Well after reading The Secret of Darkwood Castle, she sent this image of Caleb and Julia. It just really made my day. One of the most rewarding feelings as an author is meeting readers who were inspired by your writing. Thank you so much, Anastasia! I love it.

I don't know why, but reality has just decided to hit me. I feel this sort of sadness knowing that The Shapeshifter's Secret trilogy is done. It's weird. 

Anastasia's drawing reminded me of something from long ago. I pulled out these sketches I drew when I young and daydreamed about being an author. Next to my drawing of a girl is a list of possible character names. One of the names is Julia. As a thirteen year old, I had already picked out my main character's name. 

It got me thinking. 

It seems that undoubtedly what we fill our heads with daily will affect our future. Our day to day actions will add up and one day we will look back and reflect on them. If we constantly think negative thoughts, how will things turn out? But on the opposite side, what if we constantly think positive thoughts? What if we dream big NOW and fill our heads with hopes, goals,  kindness, and world-changing ideas? Where will that put us in the future?

It's something to think about. 

Oh, and by the way, it's never too late.