Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My mother-in-law took me to go see the play Xanadu this week for my birthday, and I absolutely loved it. (Compliments of Hale Center Theater in Orem).

I grew up watching Xanadu because my parents loved it in the 80's. And honestly, what's not to like? Leg warmers, electric bands, olivia newton john--Xanadu has it all.

I once watched a Friend's episode where Phoebe (the strange one) walks by the television, glances at it and screams "Oh! Oh! Xanadu!" Then you see Olivia dancing on the television in 80's clothes. That scene always cracks me up because it describes how people feel about Xanadu. Either you love it or hate it (Or the rare case where you haven't seen it). If you do love it, you really think it's amazing--Like how Phoebe got so excited that it was on.

I always loved the scene in Xanadu where the two male characters have different visions for a themed roller rink. Sonny Malone imagines a rockin' 80's theme with crazy dancers, and Gene Kelly has a vision of a classy 1940's club. By the end of scene something magical happens (I know that was terribly cheesy of me), and I love how it meshes together.

I know this is a random post, but it's my birthday this week and I feel that if I'm ever going to plug Xanadu, this is the week!

I posted that clip from Xanadu below (sorry about any questionable dancing, I want them to remake this movie and make it squeaky clean haha). But I hope you enjoy it and maybe even pull out your leg warmers this week (I know you have some).

What are your favorite childhood movies?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I’ve been thinking lately about woman heroines. What makes a female character/hero memorable? Relatable? Worth reading about?

I’ve heard a lot of readers complain about woman characters that are too “damsel in distress.” I can see where they’re coming from, there’s nothing worse than a female protagonist who won’t fight in intense situations. You have to wonder, are they afraid of ruining their hair? Breaking a nail? Getting their shoes dirty?

I always hated that scene in The Princess Bride when Westly was being attacked by the huge rat and Princess Buttercup just stood there looking slightly worried. I remember watching it with my sister and yelling “Help him out! Grab his sword!”


But on the opposite end of the spectrum I can’t relate with a superhero woman who is so tough that she has no depth. She always wear shiny spandex, can run and jump form buildings in stiletto boots, but because she’s so tough (and to run in stilettos, you must be though), it’s like she doesn’t have room for weaknesses and emotions.

I think a heroine needs to be realistic as well. She needs to have dimension, have feelings, off days, and imperfections. But she also needs to be strong, brave, and able to do incredible things when she’s faced with danger. I would have loved Princess Buttercup if she would have instantly grabbed Westly’s sword and fought the rat (even if she was in a long ball gown).

A great Heroine can be strong, brave, and amazing at fighting, as long as she still has feelings and emotions that female readers can relate too. Also, I like a heroine who is a smidge bit rebellious—not so rebellious that she becomes a villain, but enough that she doesn’t just accept everything she’s told. I think Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice is a great example.


Who are your favorite heroines in literature? Or which movie heroines do you root for? (P.S. I’m really sorry if Princess Buttercup is your favorite and I just ruined that for you).