Friday, July 6, 2012

Costco Signings--The happy, and the hilarious.

In the past two weeks I have done eight different Costco signings for The Shapeshifter's Secret, and I have learned so much! I have met so many incredible people and words cannot express how much I appreciate those who came and talked to me. Thank you everyone for coming, I am humbled by your kindness. 

Because I was at each Costco signing for multiple hours, I couldn't help but notice many humorous incidents. I thought it would be fun to list a couple of the scene's I've witnessed while promoting TSS. 

Candy, Candy, Candy! 

At every signing I put out a bowl of candy to lure people to my table--I mean--to pass out to people to be nice. Here is what I've learned about kids. There are three different ways children try and get said candy from my table:

1- Make the parents to the dirty work for them ("Mom look at that lady passing out candy!")

2-Very timidly (and adorably) ask me if they're allowed to eat a tootsie roll. 

3-Last but not least, the "sneak and grab" as I like to call it. Kids wait until an adult is talking to me, and then grab a fistful of candy in one swift movement and run away as if a dragon is chasing them. 

There are two ways adults get candy from the table. 

1-Ask me what my book is about and then ask if they can have some candy. 

2- Wait until an adult is talking to me, and then grab a fistful of candy in one swift movement and run away as if a dragon is chasing them :-)

Tongue Twister.

The Shapeshifter's Secret. Say that 10 times fast. I know, even I have jumbled the title together. But in the past week I have had some of the funniest responses to my book title. 

1- "The SHOPLIFTER'S secret? Is this a book that teaches you how to shoplift? I cannot believe Costco let you in here!" 

2- "The Secret? Oh I love that DVD, so does this book tell you how to think positive in order to obtain good fortune?" 

3- "The Shiftshareoieukdfjvipeupi Secret?" 

The cover. 

I absolutely adore my novel's cover. The first time I saw it I was just blown away by how great of a job Cedar Fort had done. That being said, I have heard the funniest comments concerning the image. 

1- "Does this book teach you beauty secrets?" 

2- Two different elderly woman approached my table, looked at the cover and said, "I just don't like books like this." (I never know what to say after that haha). 

3- "Is that you on the cover? Wow, she looks just like you!" 

The things I've heard. 

I can't help but list some of the random and most hilarious responses I've received while sitting at my table. 

1- A teenage girl ran around a corner and was caught of guard by the sight of me. Here was her response: "Wow!" Covers mouth. "Oh my gosh, I thought you were a mannequin!" 

2- Two teenage girls approach me. "I'll be honest. We're just here for the candy." Eats candy happily while I talk about my book anyway. 

3- "Is this a good book?" ("It's Amazing!"). "So, have you read this book?" ("Yes, I suppose I have). Then after sometime, "Oh my gosh! You're the author?!" 

I've had so much fun at the all Costco signings, and I've absolutely loved all the friends, readers, and writers that I've met and had the pleasure of talking with. Also, I'm so glad for the all the hilarious incidents that go and and keep me entertained ;-P


  1. The SHOPLIFTER'S Secret...LOL

    The 'sneak and grab' thing is pretty rude, especially when a parent helps his/her child with it. Glad you had fun and were entertained with those incidents. If I were at your Costco signing, I would have ignored the candy ^_^

    1. States of Decay,

      Thanks, I'm glad I wouldn't need candy to keep your attention :)

  2. Stephanie MillerJuly 7, 2012 at 12:25 PM

    My mom and I saw you at our Costco and the first time we stopped by my niece and nephew just grabbed some candy and you told us about the book but on our way out we came back and got the book also, and i have to say that i loved it!!!!! I really hope there will be a second book!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie!

      I'm so glad you and your family stopped by, and I'm more than happy to share candy with you guys!! I am thrilled that you enjoyed TSS and I hope you like the sequel just as much

  3. LOL I love all the comments and stories... I hope the signings were all successful and helpful!

    1. Thanks Jo,

      They were a lot of fun and extremely helpful! :)

  4. Stephanie MillerJuly 7, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    do you have any release dates yet for the next books?

    1. Sorry about the delayed response! Yes, the sequel will be released next summer. Thanks for asking:)

  5. I"m glad your signings have been so fun.

  6. I loved talking to you at Costco and thanks for all the info. I loved the book and two of my sisters went and got it too. Since I let there girls read sine of it, but I wasn't done and they couldn't wait. They both loved it too can't wait for the sequel

    1. Hello!

      Thank you so much for stopping by at Costco, and also for recommending The Shapeshifter's Secret to your sisters! That was so exciting to hear, I'm so thrilled that you guys liked it. I'm wrapping up the sequel right now :) Hope you have a wonderful day!