Monday, April 30, 2012

The Shapeshifter’s Secret Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow!

It’s almost May 1st which will mark the first day of The Shapeshifter’s Secret Blog Tour. Starting tomorrow I will post which awesome blogs I’m stopping at for the day so you can stay updated. I’m so honored and excited for everyone’s participation in this tour. Thank you so much!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stand Up

I just loved this so much I had to post it. I guess you could say it's the inspiration/quote/thought for the day. I continually try to do this in my life, and I try to create characters that do this, even though it's not always easy. But if I've learned anything from reading stories—it's that good always wins in the end, and Righteousness will always conquer evil.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I’m excited for summer

Colored Jeans, fireworks, and snow cones are just a few of the summery things I’m excited for.

The weather has been teasing me lately. Spring is like a fight between winter and summer. One day I’m doing cartwheels out on the warm grass, the next day my heater is blowing full blast as icy rain pours down outside. I know that summer will win the fight in the end—I’m just excited for things to get going.

Today was a cloudy, heater blowing, hot chocolate kind of day, so naturally I’ve been pining for summer all day.

Here’s what’s on my mind (accompanied with PLENTY of pictures).

Pool, beach, slip-n-slide, sprinklers.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Snow White and The Huntsman, and The Avengers.


Frozen Treats.


The whole flip-flops-T-shirt-ripped-shorts-sunglasses-windblown-hair look.

And...drum roll...The release of The Shapeshifter’s Secret on June 12!


What are you most excited for?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I love Big Cats

I visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park this week and realized once again why I chose werecat shapeshifters for my novel. These large cats always amaze me. They're beautiful, exotic, and striking, yet so dangerously fierce and powerful.

I took these pictures at the park, and I felt obsessed clicking away at every move the the lions, tigers, and cheetahs made. The biggest crowds were usually around the cats, which makes me hope that people love these beautiful creatures as much as I do.


I’ve always imagined hugging a huge lion, tiger, or panther as if it would be my best friend. I know they could do so much damage with their teeth, claws, and serious strength, but there's something about them that's so loveable and endearing.

I remember seeing this video a couple of years ago and almost passing out with happiness. I can't even explain exactly why, but it always makes me cry.

Also, I saw Disney’s African Cats recently and was blown away. It was incredible. And it actually has a happy ending with few moments that make you cry (unlike War Horse which I couldn't bear to watch, it sucked all the happiness out of me). I would definitely encourage you to watch African Cats, it was done really well.


What about you, what are your favorite large cats?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just For Fun

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mad as a Hatter

I’ve been getting really into Once Upon a Time lately, and I loved that recent episode with Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter.There was something so intriguing about getting the background story of his life. I liked watching how he came to be the way he was, even though I know ABC (Disney) did write it.

I had sympathy for the Mad Hatter learning about the events that had driven him to become crazy. And it was nice to have a character in Storybrooke that actually noticed the changes that happened to the town when Emma came. He picked up on the curse, which made him seem so much more aware than everyone else.

I hope his character returns for later episodes, or maybe in a whole movie of his own—or even better his own novel. So ABC if you are reading this, I would not be opposed to writing that novel for you!

I thought I liked Alice in Wonderland an appropriate amount, but as I’ve been decorating my house for spring, I can’t help but see a running theme going.


Who are your favorite fairy tale characters?