Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mad as a Hatter

I’ve been getting really into Once Upon a Time lately, and I loved that recent episode with Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter.There was something so intriguing about getting the background story of his life. I liked watching how he came to be the way he was, even though I know ABC (Disney) did write it.

I had sympathy for the Mad Hatter learning about the events that had driven him to become crazy. And it was nice to have a character in Storybrooke that actually noticed the changes that happened to the town when Emma came. He picked up on the curse, which made him seem so much more aware than everyone else.

I hope his character returns for later episodes, or maybe in a whole movie of his own—or even better his own novel. So ABC if you are reading this, I would not be opposed to writing that novel for you!

I thought I liked Alice in Wonderland an appropriate amount, but as I’ve been decorating my house for spring, I can’t help but see a running theme going.


Who are your favorite fairy tale characters?


  1. I love Once Upon a Time too - can't wait for them to continue what they introduced this week. :)

  2. So...I want to hear your thoughts on who you think the "mysterious" black leather, motorcycle guy is who came to story brook. I am thinking he is the author of the stories...but I'm not sure... what do you think?

  3. I loved that episode too by the way! It was very magical, and I thought interesting because I wouldn't have thought to have belle, cinderella, snow white and alice in wonderland. It was cool, and Jimney Cricket, its a combination of all fantasy characters all together.

  4. Tristi-

    Me neither! It was such a good episode, I hope the season never ends.

  5. Taush-

    I'm wondering who that writer/motorcyclist will turn out to be! I keep trying to find connections to his character and the Grimm brothers, but alas, the mystery continues!

  6. I'm really enjoying once Upon A Time too. So far, the Beauty and the Beast and the Red Riding episodes have been my favorite. Certain parts of them anyway. The Mas Hatter episode was cool because there was finally someone else who knew what was going on in Story Brook! And Wonderland was definitely interestingly done. The whole head thing. Yep. I wonder if the Red Queen will make an appearance in Story Brook and have friction against Regina. Anyway, I like OUAT too!

  7. Here's an interesting article I found about the mystery of August Booth (the motorcycle guy).

  8. Diana,

    I really loved the Beauty and the Beast episode as well. I'm starting to like Mr. Gold, well sometimes anyway. Thanks for posting that article!

  9. I love fairy tale retellings and am excited about all the TV shows and movies based on fairy tales. I sometimes watch Once Upon a Time but not enough to really know what's going on! I'm also reading the arc of your Shapeshifter's Secret and am very intrigued and anxious to find out what's going on with all the strange things happening. Can't wait to finish and review it on my blog for your blog tour! And I'm so glad we're lucky enough to have you in our writer's group!