Thursday, April 26, 2012

I’m excited for summer

Colored Jeans, fireworks, and snow cones are just a few of the summery things I’m excited for.

The weather has been teasing me lately. Spring is like a fight between winter and summer. One day I’m doing cartwheels out on the warm grass, the next day my heater is blowing full blast as icy rain pours down outside. I know that summer will win the fight in the end—I’m just excited for things to get going.

Today was a cloudy, heater blowing, hot chocolate kind of day, so naturally I’ve been pining for summer all day.

Here’s what’s on my mind (accompanied with PLENTY of pictures).

Pool, beach, slip-n-slide, sprinklers.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Snow White and The Huntsman, and The Avengers.


Frozen Treats.


The whole flip-flops-T-shirt-ripped-shorts-sunglasses-windblown-hair look.

And...drum roll...The release of The Shapeshifter’s Secret on June 12!


What are you most excited for?

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