Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Put a Spell on You...

I'm working on my newest novel. It's a spooky middle grade story about a girl who's obsessed with Halloween. It's so strange to be finished with my shapeshifting series, but it's a lot of fun starting new projects. As I look for fresh inspiration, I keep thinking of some of my favorite kid-friendly scary movies and books.

All of these stories left a lasting impressing on me when I was younger. I love a good spooky tale!

Ah, yes, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. One of Disney's creepiest cartoons and definitely a classic. Bing Crosby narrates the tale of superstitious Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow. I love how Disney stayed true to Washington Irving's story, but still added enough humor to make sure it wasn't too scary for kiddos.

You've got to love Hocus Pocus. The Sanderson sisters come back to Salem for one night only and create havoc for high school student Max Dennison. This movie is full of Halloween music and fun (see the end of this post for reference *grins*). I still watch it every fall.

I'm not sure how well known this series is, but I loved them in elementary. The Bailey School kids books are packed with stories about every kind of mythical character and creature a kid could think of. They're really lighthearted and perfect for getting kids reading. My favorite was Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots.

I read And Then There Were None for the first time in seventh grade and really enjoyed the mystery. Ten strangers vacation at an island resort after receiving a mysterious invitation. Once there, they discover a nursery rhyme about ten little Indians that predicts their deaths on the island, one by one. If you haven't read this classic, try it out this Halloween. The black and white movie is super creepy too!

Speaking of mystery novels, The Westing Game is one of the best whodunit books with plenty of memorable characters and clever wit. It's a Newbery medal book and a fantastic novel for younger readers.

Those are some of the most memorable spooky stories for me growing up, what are yours?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mystical Mermaids

I've loved mermaids ever since I was a little girl, so it's no surprise that in The Shapeshifter's Secret Series there are several sirens, water nymphs, and mermaids. It's probably why I love taking underwater pictures.

It's also why I decided to post about some of my favorite mermaid appearances.  


In the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie there are a lot of mermaids. Most of them were malevolent, but the movie did focus on one who was kind and loving. I became so enthralled with the mermaid, Serena, and her story, that I stopped caring about Jack Sparrow and the other pirates. (P.s. are they are making another one? Because they really ended Serena's story with a cliffhanger). 


When the Submarine ride first opened at Disneyland in 1959, they hired women to dress up as mermaids and sit out on the rocks of the lagoon. My mom still remembers seeing those mermaids when she was little and how mesmerizing they were.

Also at Disneyland, the mermaids on the Peter Pan ride. Did you know the front one is Ariel?

How cool is that?


I have a lot of fun memories about dressing up like a mermaid when I was younger. Recently I found this necklace with a mermaid on the front and I couldn't help but get it. It reminded me of all my mermaid adventures when I as younger. Also it was sparkly, I can’t pass up things that are sparkly...

What are your mermaid memories? Do you have a favorite mermaid book or movie?