Friday, May 10, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Review of The Siren's Secret

Forget About TV Grab A Book has posted a review for today's Blog Tour Stop! To read the full review visit Forget About TV Grab A Book. 

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"Heather found a way to twist the story into a way that I hadn’t expected. When I read the title I was super excited, what could a shapeshifter have to do with a siren? How would Caleb and Terrence fit into this story? What more does Ossai have to offer?
It was nice to see the characters and the story that made this book memorable to me, to walk in Heather Ostler’s New York, Ossai and Lockham Castle.
The direction this story took was really unexpected; it gave me another sense of Ossai and all we haven’t discovered, not only in all the land we still don’t know but all the problems and races that live in it." 


  1. I'm reading it now and enjoying the new Julia and the unexpected changes.

    1. Alice,

      Thank you! I was so excited for you to read it and hear your thoughts. You're awesome!