Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Book Launch Party and Blog Stop

I'm getting very excited for The Siren's Secret book launch party. Sometimes I feel like getting a book launch ready is like planning a wedding. You have to find your venue, get the word out, make a budget, and get the perfect dress (you think I'm kidding, but finding the right outfit for a book launch is incredibly daunting). Last month I had some freak-out moments getting everything ready, but now things are more set in stone (keeping fingers crossed). 

The book launch will be Saturday, June 15th at the Orem Barnes & Noble at 6:00. Yay! 

I learned a lot from my last book launch, namely that people like giveaways, and honestly I love giving out giveaways! I have a lot ready, so hopefully there will be plenty of readers who leave happyThat doesn't count as a bribe does it? Oh well, book giveaways get me to events! 

You know how weddings have a theme? Well, my book launch has a theme. Because it's for The Siren's Secret, it's going to be an "underwater" party. All the treats, prizes, and decorations will make you feel like you've gone to Sirenity (The island where the sirens live in my book). 

Now all I need is to ask a mermaid to come to the event ;)

I really hope to see you there! 

Also, today's blog tour stop for The Siren's Secret is at Getting Your Read on. Aimee has posted a lovely review. Click here to visit her blog. Thanks Aimee! 

"One of the things I appreciate most about this book is that it's clean.  Heather does a great job with this.  

Julia is definitely on a journey of discovery.  By the end of the last book and at the beginning of this book you get the feel that Julia thinks she has a good handle on things.  She is efficient at shape shifting and her studies are going well.  She has a boyfriend and seems pretty content despite the ongoing struggles with the Guild.  Of course, we all know that when a character in a book gets comfortable, things are really going to get shaken up.  Poor Julia.  It was inevitable.  ;)

I loved the world of Sirenity and I loved how the Siren's basically proved the prejudice's against them wrong to some degree.  It was a great new addition to the plot line. " --Aimee from Getting Your Read On. 


  1. Sounds like it'll be a great launch! Don't forget to post a picture of the dress, and I hope you get that mermaid ;)

    1. Thanks! I hope I find a good dress, more importantly, I hope I find a mermaid!

  2. Totally got work off today to make sure I can come! I'm so excited :) I'm also secretly a mermaid, so i've got you covered ha ha ;)

    1. Mandi you are so sweet! Thank you so much. I hope you have a lot of fun, thanks for all your support! Also, can't wait to see your mermaid tail ;)