Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Grand Finale of The Shapeshifter's Secret Blog Tour!

Here we are, on the very last day of The Shapeshifter's Secret Blog Tour. I've Loved meeting all of you and getting to know you better. I want to say thank you to all of the wonderful blogs and websites that took time out of their schedules to be a part of the tour. I also want to thank Cedar Fort for helping me arrange the tour and for providing the sweet giveaways. And Thank YOU for following the tour! I really hope you've had fun with the crazy guest posts, interviews, and giveaways.

The final stop is at Treasured Tales for Young Adults where the lovely Alishia has featured a guest post about Caleb. I had a lot of fun talking about Caleb, and if you've ever wondered why he is the way he is, then you should check out this post :)

Also, Treasured Tales for Young Adults is hosting the last and final GIVEAWAY for The Shapeshifter's Secret. So, if you'd like to win a copy, you can enter here:

And I know that I promised a tap dancing werecat...however they must be in high demand right now because they were all booked...BUT I did find this youtube of a tap dancing cat. AND I also posted a video of my pugs reactions to The Shapeshifter's Secret release date.



  1. Thank you so much for visiting Treasured Tales for Young Adults.

  2. Alishia,

    I loved stopping by on your adorable blog. Thanks for the opportunity :)