Friday, May 11, 2012

GIVEAWAY for The Shapeshifter's Secret Blog Tour

Hooray for Giveaways! and Hooray for this wonderful website that is featuring a Giveaway today for The Shapeshifter's secret. Book Briefs also posted a great review for TSS, here is a little clip:

"This is such a good book! The kind of book where you would do anything, ANYTHING to get your hands on the next one right then, because you can't even wait another minute to find out what happens next." -- Book Briefs 

Thank you Book Briefs for being a part of the tour! 
Check out their website and enter the Giveaway here:


  1. Hi Heather! I'm stopping by from Book Briefs and wanted to say hi! The book sounds amazing!

  2. Carrie, thank you SO much! I'm so glad you stopped by :)