Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pocketful of Books and Paperbook Princess Blog Stops

I'm really excited to announce today's Blog Tour Stops. First Pocketful of Books has posted a really fun author interview about cats, Harry Potter and overprotective parents--and seriously, I love this blog's style and feel, very original. 

Then the lovely Megan has posted a Review on Paperbook Princess--this blog is also adorable with a princess theme which includes sparkles that follow the mouse (or maybe it's fairy dust?!)

Here is a little blurb from her review.

"Wow! When I started reading this book, I was literally hooked right from the first chapter! It was really a refreshing surprise when I started reading this book and it really just jumped right into the story, although it is nice to get more background and more details I think that with this book it really wasn’t needed, the author Heather Ostler was able to create a very vivid story and not fill it with nonsense." 

Thank you so much! Have fun at these amazing blogs!  

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