Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Musings

Every writer has a unique method for they how receive, record, and develop their own inspiration. So just for fun, I’d thought I’d give you a glimpse of some of the writing habits that I do whenever I’m struck with an idea.

When I'm developing a story, I love writing in a notebook. Writing on a laptop is fine, but there’s something special about recording my thoughts with my favorite pen in one of my notebooks. You can see my striking collection of writing notebooks in this picture. I have my everyday-use ones, my tiny traveling one, and the ones that have been with me since the very beginning—they’re so very loyal. One of them even has a sketch of Julia from when I was in Jr. High (Although the picture only gives more evidence to the fact that I have absolutely no drawing skills).


The picture below may look like a scene from a scary movie, but it’s actually the result of my creative musings. Whenever I’m in the shower, ideas and characters develop in my head and I have to hurry and take notes before I forget. I end up jotting the ideas on my shower wall. Sometimes my husband will add in his own comments to my notes afterwards, which always throws me off when they appear the next day in the steam.


And lastly I thought I give a little acknowledgment to my writing buddies. They’ve stuck with me through it all, giving me so much inspiration. They may be a little demanding at times, but they’re my biggest fans. And they’re always there. Literally. They follow me around everywhere. I can't escape them...


What are your writing rituals? Do you have a favorite writing pen, notebook, or companion?


  1. I like the writing itself best when I'm on the computer. But when it comes to brainstorming and planning and capturing ideas, I definitely like notebooks. I probably like notebooks too much, as they seem to be everywhere in my house and car. I've recently found a new notebook, which I've thus far only found at Fred Meyer, which I LOVE. It's 11 x 8 inches, but TOP spiraled, so the spirals never get in the way of my hands. LOVE.

    In Which We Start Anew

  2. Jo,

    I need to go and get that notebook! I hate it when the spiral gets in the way (but I'm glad I'm not the only writer who thinks of things like that). Fred Meyer here I come, I might need to stock up and buy a twenty year supply!

  3. Great post! I have enough notebooks lying around to last most people a lifetime - I just bought yet another one yesterday actually! I have one with notes for just the current book I'm writing, another for writing exercises and journals, one specifically to jot down ideas in, and yet another to keep track of how I am feeling about my own writing and where its going- I even have a quill to write in that one with<3
    I also just outlined my book-in-progress in sticky notes and stuck it to the wall of my apartment haha. Its quite the motivator.

    The Fiction Diaries

  4. Thanks so much Katie. Your collection of notebooks definitely trumps mine! And I like that you have one for writing exercises, I'd love to do that. Plus, you have a quill, which is up on the awesome scale right next to wax stamps (I seriously want to start sealing envelopes with wax stamps).

    Congratulations on your book-in-progress!

  5. I come up with ideas in the shower all the time, but I've never made notes on the shower door. I love it!

    What is it about hot water that gets the mind working? It's one of life's great mysteries.

  6. Jocelyn,

    I agree. Whenever I get writer's block I just have to jump in the shower haha.