Monday, September 24, 2012

The Shapeshifter's Secret Art by Anastasia

I got this picture in a message from Anastasia, who drew this sketch of the main characters after reading The Shapeshifter's Secret. This is so amazing, and it reminded me once again why I write. I love Julia's shirt, the werecat, the magical tablet letter, and all the details put into each character. Thank you Anastasia for sharing this incredible picture, you are so talented! 


  1. How incredible to get that! Probably one of the best things about being an author.

    1. Thanks Peggy! It really did make my day :)

  2. Wow, that's so amazing! That must have made your day to see your characters portrayed by a fan.

  3. your so kind about my art thank you and i love your book ^.^

  4. It must be cool to have a fan draw pictures of your characters. How fun. And great interview. It's so cool that you are doing all these amazing things. I'm glad to know you and be able to be a small part of it.