Sunday, September 2, 2012

An evening of Disney

Every year for my mom’s birthday we put on a celebration show for her. We’ve done a variety of themed shows that include High School Musical, 80’s night, talent show night, and a “So you think you can dance" show. 

Even though it’s just my siblings and I, we always go ALL OUT. This year was our biggest, craziest, most musical show yet featuring all things DISNEY. We put on a full Disney production that started out with Fantasmic, moved on to each character’s individual scene, and then ended with an Electrical Light Parade finale.

We put more planning into this birthday show than any other. It was a little nuts, but (get ready for the cheesy part) I loved  how magical it was. When the fantasmic music started, everyone got jittery and excited. My sister said, “I feel like we’re in Disneyland!”

My husband and I dressed up as Jasmine and Aladdin. Little side note: I made his costume, and it looked great--before he jumped into the water (he performed the scene from Aladdin where the soldiers chase him. In part of the song it says: "I'll I gotta do is--JUMP!" He, of course, jumped into the water for his dramatic exit). 

My Cute sister Holly and her Fiance as Snow White and Prince Charming.

I also dressed up as Rapunzel from Tangled and got to lip-sync "When will my life begin." Which was awesome. I LOVE Tangled. Okay, just had to say it. 

 My Brother Nate as Captain Hook and brother-in-law as Peter Pan. 

My adorable nephew made a very convincing lost boy. 

 On our magic carpet singing "A whole New World." Don't mind Snow White and King Triton in the background! 

 All of my beautiful sisters in the roles of Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle. 

It really was an amazing night. I’ve always loved Disney, Fairy tales, anything princess, and happy endings. I'll admit that it was hard to convince all the boys in the family to dress up, but in the end everyone had a great time, and my mom was absolutely thrilled with her birthday show. 

A little background music. 


  1. oh how i adore your family and love you! you are so funny heather feather. I want to be rapunzel from tangled!! sounds so fun haha. Congrats again on the book! i held it in my hands and it felt so good to know the person who wrote it haha.

    1. Awe, thanks Lara. You should be tangled for Halloween! You'd be adorable. And thanks for thinking of me when you held it in your hands haha