Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX

Pictures from Comic Con Part 2! Please note that I am super pregnant and did my best to make it all the way around the whole expo. 

Even pregnant people can feel small next to Hagrid. This was one of my favorite costumes there. 

Iron Man. How do they make these costumes?!

Middle-earth battles happening mid expo. 

My view from the Disney panel where Cruella De Vil posed perfectly right before the panel started. 

I had to search everywhere, but I finally found the mermaids! Biggest compliment ever: they said I had mermaid hair. 

And red coat (Allison?) from Pretty Little Liars! She was absolutely terrifying and I had to keep checking over my shoulder after bumping into her. Beware of red coat!

Until next time Salt Lake Comic Con!