Saturday, April 19, 2014

Comic Con FanXperience

I can't even begin to explain the fun craziness that is Comic Con! There is just SO much going on in one place. It's like Disneyland for Salt Lake City. In no particular order, here is a little bit of my FanX experience so far. 

My sister Michelle and I making friends with Star Wars stormtroopers.

Getting ready to speak on another fun writing panel with Utah authors. Last night we spoke about villains, one of my favorite subjects.  

Signing at the Deseret Book booth. 

My mom fist bumping Jonathan Frakes. She's so cool. 

Oh, you know, Thor waiting in line for Pizza. Even superheros get hungry! 

David Bowie minus the terrifying puppets from Labyrinth. 

Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Mary...

Loki just being awesome (see, I like villains). 

A whole Star Wars family complete with an adorable ewok. I hope they took a family picture to use for their Christmas card! 

And Karl Urban from Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. One girl came up to ask him a question and erupted into a fit of giggles before she could even speak to him. It was a pretty great panel. 

Author Shannen Crane Camp and I trying to soak it all in with pink pants and pink hair. 

Stay tuned for Comic Con FanXperience part 2! 

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