Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Yes Man Theory

A couple of years ago a movie came out called Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. In the beginning of the movie his character Carl shuts everyone out of his life. He doesn't like his job, his relationships, or really anything about himself. Then he sees an old friend who invites him to try a new theory. You say yes to EVERYTHING. No matter what anyone asks you, no matter what opportunity presents itself, you have to say yes.

Skeptically, Carl begins to practice this theory. At first it goes terrible and puts him in a lot of uncomfortable situations, including giving a ride to a homeless person who asks if he can have his wallet and use his cell phone. All of which he says yes to.

Very soon, however, Carl realizes that fantastic opportunities arise when he begins to say yes. He makes new friends, becomes successful at work, and starts finding talents and skills he never knew he had. His whole life turns around for the better.

Obviously it's not smart to say yes to everything, and sure enough Carl learns this as more sticky situations arise. By the end of the film he realizes that he doesn't necessarily have to say yes to everything. The inventor of the yes theory explains that by just being positive and open to new opportunities he can come out of his comfort zone and find new adventures and happiness in everyday life.

I love this idea, and I've tried to apply to my life. To clarify, I don't say yes to everything, that would be silly. But I've tried to to come out of my comfort zone and try to new things, even if it seems scary at first.

One opportunity may lead to ten more. Meeting new people may lead to lifelong friendships, relationships, and networking possibilities. You may even discover a new talent or skill by simply trying it out. (Carl learns to speak Korean, takes guitar lessons, and learns to fly).

Here are a few of the things I've said yes to in the past year:

Being interviewed on television.
Speaking at writing conventions, camps, and classes.
Traveling to the Middle East.
Setting up a book tour throughout California and Utah.
Signing at Authorpalooza and Comic Con.
Throwing a book launch party at Barnes and Noble.

I'm so glad that I said yes to these opportunities. Each one seemed terrifying at first, but they all lead to other amazing adventures.

It doesn't have to be something huge like traveling to a different country or skydiving. Everyday life is exciting and wonderful. Sometimes simple things like public speaking, being social, or reaching out to someone can get you out of your comfort zone and make a big difference in the future. By being positive and open to new experiences you can find great opportunities and adventures in life!

Visiting Petra, Jordan. 

Helping at the New Student Orientation at UVU. 

Talking about The Siren's Secret on ABC. 

Signing at Costco.  

Teaching at a BYU creative writing camp. 

Visiting Istanbul, Turkey. 

Speaking on a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con. 

Finding a hidden waterfall on Oahu. 

Stopping by Orlando, Florida. 


  1. Oh my gosh, you're so cool! Haha. Seriously, though! Living the dream. Look at all you've accomplished. :) Go you! <3

    1. Erin, you're so sweet, and this theory is totally you! You are so talented and great at making new friends :) I'm so glad that we became friends at Taco!