Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Siren's Secret Launch Party

The Siren's Secret Launch Party was a success! As an author I value the power of words, and a picture is worth 1,000 of them. I have over 20 pictures to show you, so I'll let the pictures do the talking (though I couldn't resit a couple of captions). I had such a fun night, and I loved meeting so many of my readers. Thank you for your support on my journey of seeing The Siren's Secret come to life! 

Loved these sugar cookies from Kneaders. They had "SS" on them in silver, blue, and green. 

My husband. He had to transport so many books, gift baskets, and jars of candy. 10,000 brownie points goes to him for all his help! 

I loved this ensemble. Julia is a werecat tiger after all  and the tiger slippers were absolutely fitting. Why didn't I think to wear those? 

Barnes and Noble did a fantastic job getting everything ready for the launch party. The Shapeshifter's Secret and The Siren's Secret lined the back wall and it looked amazing! 

More support for werecat tigers!

Raffle drawing for the siren gift baskets, mermaid earrings, books, posters, and the iPad Mini. 

Remember those amazing sketches of Julia that I posted earlier this year? Those were done by a talented artist named Anastasia, and she was the winner of the iPad Mini! 

Thanks to those who shared their pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #TheSirensSecret!