Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photography session with The Siren's Secret

 One of the first things I did last year when I received my first copies of The Shapeshifter's Secret was take a million pictures. I've done the same thing with the sequel, but now that I have two books I've gotten even worse. Both covers are so beautiful that I have to take pictures of every side and angle of the books. I can't help it! I was so excited to have both books finally unite! 

Warning: There are A LOT of cover pictures below. 

They meet at last! Shapeshifter meet Siren, Siren meet Shapeshifter. (I think they're going to be best friends). 

I loved the metallic font that they used for the inside cover, and I think the S is mesmerizing! 

As you can tell I'm very excited to put both these books on my shelf, and I hope you'll want them on your book shelf too! Thanks for bearing with me while I pretend I'm a book photographer ;)

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  1. Beautiful. They really do a stunning job with the covers and I love the pages too with the artwork.