Monday, June 18, 2012

Launch Party and Pictures

Thank you everyone who came to The Shapeshifter's Secret Launch Party! It was so much fun and I loved meeting, chatting, and eating treats with you.

Writing a novel takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. That's why it was so exciting to finally launch The Shapeshifter's Secret at The King's English Bookshop. I'm so grateful to everyone who has supported me and helped me on this journey. Thank you!

Here are some pictures (that's a lie. There are TONS of pictures) from the launch party. Enjoy!


Thanks Khyl Shumway for the marvelous reading!

I had to do the "love letter cursive" nails.



 My favorite ensemble was definitely the white tiger T-shirt.

 We had a lot of fun. I even started signing biceps!

Thank you so much everyone for coming. It was truly a "sweet night." 


  1. Heather you look GORGEOUS!! And congrats again, I so wish that I could have been there! It looks like it was an amazing night!

  2. Thanks Malissa!
    You are seriously such a good friend! I know you couldn't be there, but you were represented by your adorable twin :) Thank you so much for all your support!