Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UVU Magazine

A couple of months ago Utah Valley University contacted me and asked if I would be willing to share how my education helped me become an author. I gladly agreed because honestly, I loved my time there. My classes at UVU were incredible. After I graduated I felt inspired and motivated to jump into a career in writing. 

My husband is currently a full time student at UVU, and though he's studying Political Science and going into a completely different field than me, it still makes me miss school. I tell people that and they look at me like I'm crazy. I know, school IS hard. It's a huge commitment and requires a lot of time and work. I remember those late night study sessions and huge paper deadlines. It was difficult. However, my knowledge and feeling of accomplishment I received after I finished was invaluable. 

I told UVU about my experiences and how I felt about my education. I hadn't thought too much about it until a friend texted me recently and said, "You're in my stack of mail!" 

It was a fun surprise and I was happy to finally get a copy :) 

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