Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sirens and Mermaids

Because it's Siren Week, I decided to post some of the coolest mermaid, siren, and water nymph pictures I could find. Sirens and mermaids are absolutely fascinating to me, and I had so much fun introducing them into my sequel. I hope you think they're just as magical as I do and that you enjoy Siren Week!

Thanks for sharing this one, Tausha! 

This comic is from, which has tons of amazing siren and mermaid pictures. 

These are the mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. I would LOVE to go there and see them perform!

 photo 64240009-d81f-411f-8827-927cd751a11a.jpg

My friend Valerie is a real mermaid. She makes beautiful mermaid jewelry and I absolutely adore my pink fishing lure earrings! You can see her other jewelry here and here.

Thanks for swimming by! 


  1. You have innovative thoughts Heather!lovely:)

  2. That is awesome! My YA novel I'm writing is about a siren, but it's set in a modern/sci-fi setting :) LOVE mermaids & sirens & nymphs. They're fantastic!

    1. Megan,

      Oohh that sounds fascinating. I'm such a fan of mermaids and sirens and I would love to see where your story goes! :)

  3. I love the pics, especially the yield road sign. Yay for Siren Week! :-)