Friday, October 24, 2014

St. Augustine, Florida

My family and I just got back from Florida. It was such a good break and I was thrilled we got to visit the seaside village of St. Augustine. Deemed the oldest city in America, you can feel a rich sense of history the moment you arrive. St. Augustine is said to be haunted and offers regular ghost tours daily throughout the city and museums.

 One of the most infamous haunted historic sights is the Fort Castillo De San Marcos. We got to roam around the fort (as best as we could with a stroller) and learn about the endless pirate attacks on St. Augustine.

Can you believe this city was established in 1565? 

Pirates lurking everywhere...

Why does Spanish Moss make me so happy? It's the perfect backdrop for such a historic and eerie city.

Ghost tours anyone? 

In the heart of the city are these charming shops featuring old fashioned ice cream, candy, and restaurants. Can you see why I love it here? 

St. Augustine also has the Fountain of Youth! But unfortunately, this isn't it. The fountain is located next to the Fort Castillo De San Marcos. In 1513, when the Spanish explorer Ponce De Lion came to Florida, he thought it was the actual site of the Fountain of youth. It was believed that the healing waters could reverse the signs of aging. 

Mill Top Tavern. Doesn't it remind you of Hocus Pocus? 
This city is incredible. If you ever get the chance, make the visit to St. Augustine, it's worth the trip! 

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