Thursday, December 13, 2012


Nichole, my cute writing friend, shared this with me today, and I couldn't help but post it here.

The picture of the writer snuggling with the cat, in particular, makes me laugh. It seems like every time I get a spark of inspiration and grab my laptop and heater I somehow end up with two snoozing pugs next to me. I'll be honest, they are both snuggling with me at this very moment.

I can also say that the bottom right picture of someone with their head down on their laptop is something I have definitely done. In fact here's a picture from this summer when I was editing my sequel.

It happens. Mostly because it's hard to make all of your ideas translate beautifully through your writing. And even though I know that others have certain exceptions of my writing, I'm definitely my hardest critic. 

The top left picture of someone writing in a cozy restaurant is something I've always wanted to do. I think it would be wonderful to write while drinking a steamy cup of hot chocolate with Pandora music playing in the background . Alas, I don't know if I will ever be able to do that. I get distracted way too easily. Besides, who would my dogs snuggle with? :)


  1. My dog snuggles with me when I write too. I love it. I've definitely had those days when I want to put my head down and have to take a break for a while, but most days my writing time is my favorite time of day and I have to make myself stop and get others things done.

    1. Alice,

      Awe, your dog is so sweet! I love your enthusiasm for writing too, It motivates me.

  2. Good morning, Heather! Due to the vagaries of google, I wasn't able to send you an e-mail through your profile, so...I'll take care of that in a few minutes.

    I've tagged you for The Next Big Thing blog-hop. Come over to see the rules.