Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Disneyland says about you

It’s no secret I’m a Disney fan. I like Disney. A lot. Okay moving on. I’ve realized that you can tell a lot about someone based on their favorite Disney ride, or favorite part of Disneyland.

For example, Kellen loves Haunted Mansion. It’s thrilling in a spooky way, even for adults. It’s vintage, so we know it’s stood the test of time, and you can go on it 3 billion times and never get sick of the music. I think he likes it because he appreciates vintage music, the setting, and decorations.

For me, I would say Adventureland is my favorite part of Disneyland. It makes me think of safaris, exploring, traveling, tropical places, and heat. As a kid, I loved summer because I would imagine I was on a safari in my backyard, or in Egypt climbing pyramids, or Indiana Jone’s friend running through old streets dodging ninjas (the story changed daily). Now when I go to Disneyland I feel like it’s my imagination from childhood coming to life.

Here’s my own little guide to each land in the park. So pick your favorite part of Disneyland and see what it might say about you.

If this is your favorite, then you may be someone who is: Superstitious, a dreamer, silly, young at heart, or a romantic.

If this is your favorite, then you may be someone who is: A technology wizard, innovative, or a planner.

If this is your favorite, then you may be someone who: seeks excitement, loves traveling, has a big imagination, is really awesome (oh wait…how did I slip that in there?).

New Orlean’s square (Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean)
If this is your favorite, then you may be someone who: is a history buff, values vintage ideas, is traditional, logical, or rational.

If this is your favorite, then you may be someone who: is traditional, appreciates nature, is into hunting/camping.

I love going to Disneyland because it’s such a creative environment. The gears in my head start turning and stories just begin developing. So from now on I’m telling people it is a necessity that I go to Disneyland—for work, of course.

What is your favorite ride or part of Disneyland?



    Part of me will always love Fantasyland best... always wanting to be a princess, I suppose. But there's a part of me that really loves New Orleans Square, too. You can't go wrong with going on Pirates over and over and over... and over. :) Happy for me all the teenagers want to go on the uber-cool rides now, so you can get on Pirates pretty quickly much of the time!

    We have a tradition, started by my mom 25 years ago... When you go through the section where the pirate ship is firing on the land, there will come a point where the captain calls out "FIRE AT WILL!" Then we all yell out, "WHY ARE THEY SO MAD AT WILL??" (This is possibly one of those "you have to be crazy for this to be funny" sort of moments.)

  2. Jo,

    I am so glad you are as big of a Disney fan as me! Fantasyland definitely is the most magical land, but Pirates is always one of the favorites. We love the banjo player right before the skull and bones "Dead men tell no tales..."

    Also I LOVE your tradition haha. Now I will think of that when I go through that part. Poor Will :)

  3. You have such a lovely blog! We adore the concept and admire your style of writing!! Love this post - we still love Disney, haha!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

  4. Davie and Erica,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! You've made my day, and I'm always happy to share a little Disney magic with others.

  5. I <3 this post, and I love how you described the type of person I might be based on what my favorite ride at Disneyland is. I get to go for my second time in just 2 weeks. My favorite just might be Pirates.

  6. Haha! That's awesome. I loooove all of Disneyland!

  7. Thanks Erin, I do remember us talking about Disneyland at Taco Amigo!