Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite movies, but I think that’s pretty normal. Who doesn’t like masquerades, hidden passageways, and stalker phantoms? Okay, well maybe people aren’t necessarily in love with the idea of a half-masked stalker, but rather the mystery of wondering whether the opera house is haunted or not.

With fall upon us, I can’t help but surround myself with wonderfully scary tales, treats, and décor. There’s something so enriching and memorable about ghosts, witches, and haunted manors—as long as it’s not so scary that I have to pretend I’m not really afraid of that creepy tree that scratches my window when the wind blows.

In my novel, The Shapeshifter’s Secret, Julia Levesque lives in a castle called Lockham. The castle is old, traditional, and home to a large and mysterious ballroom. Even though Julia is skeptical, the ballroom is rumored to be haunted (dun dun dun). And Julia learns more secrets about the ballroom as the truth becomes uncovered.

Growing up I was always fascinated by creepy old fashioned buildings that were home to spooky mishaps. Writing about a haunted ballroom was very captivating, even though I do get scared rather easily (cue my dogs barking at something outside).

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been sneaking in early Halloween decorations...however, I won't make you confess. Instead I'll settle by you leaving your favorite spooky tale :]

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