Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lucky Gnome

The kid inside of me still likes making a wish when the clock hits 11:11, or tucking a good fortune into my pocket after eating Chinese. I know it's silly, and sometimes I don't want to admit that I'm actually making a wish when I blow out my birthday candles, but isn't it just fun?

I was recently in Canada with a gnome. Well, it was a gnome necklace, but he felt like a person. His name was Ollie and he traveled everywhere with us. Everyday we rubbed the gnome's belly for good luck. I made a rather large wish and sure enough it did come true while I was on the trip :)

It's fun to use luck and superstition in writing. There's a certain magic about wishes, lucky numbers, misfortune, charms, and curses (and lucky gnomes I suppose). When I imagine a character I like to make a list of their qualities and traits. Something that defines a character to me is whether or not they are superstitious. It says a lot about their personality and how they'd act in certain situations.

I'm not saying that you need to stare at the clock until the precise moment to make a wish, or try to steal my lucky gnome. I think there is more to luck than that. Everyone can optimize their own luck by being prepared, being in the right place at the right moment, and by trying your hardest to be positive in life.

What are your thoughts on superstition? What's lucky for you?


  1. I carry certain stones and crystals in my pockets to help attain specific outcomes. I feel unlucky if I don't have them with me for important occasions.

  2. JD,

    I love that idea. Maybe I can find some lucky stones as well.

  3. Hi Heather,

    My name's Kate, and I'm a newly-agented YA author. I found your blog earlier and I've been reading through your posts. I have a bracelet I wear for good luck...I know it's superstitious, but I really think it helps!

    Anyway, looking forward to more of your posts!

  4. Hey Kate,

    I'm so happy you found my blog! That's awesome you have an agent now, congrats. I just found out my novel is getting published and I am ecstatic. Maybe I should get a lucky bracelet too :)