Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Tradition

I love family traditions. When I was younger my sister and I would watch fireworks on the roof, and eat brownie mix. BEST THING EVER. We don't climb on the roof anymore (and I don't think my mom ever knew!), but we still get tempted to eat raw brownies when fireworks light up in July.

My Aunt's city puts on this carnival/firework/Neil Diamond impersonator extravaganza every summer. We go every year, and somehow my husband always ends up dancing crazily next to the stage with security guards eyeing him cautiously. I used to think it was the cheesiest event (okay maybe it is), but really it's one of the funnest summer traditions we have.

So this summer when your family forces you to go to a family reunion, or go visit a majorly stupid national park, just go with the flow. You never know how long Grandma Smith will be around, or how much longer your family will visit Mount Rushmore. Be enthusiastic, laugh, be silly, I promise you'll have so much more fun and your memories will be ten times better.


  1. I love memories like that! And I am a sucker for small town events, too. I'd love to see Kellen dance, too. :) I didn't realize you had a blog, Heather! I'm wxcited to read it more!

  2. haha Thanks Mindy! It's still new and not very exciting yet. My goal is to make it as awesome as your sisters cafe blog, I love it!