Are you writing any more books?

Yep! I can't stay away from imaginary characters for very long. I'm working on a new young adult series that I'm really excited about and will keep you updated when I have more news :)

What is a werecat?

A shapeshifter that can voluntarily choose whether to be in werecat form or human form.

Why werecats instead of werewolves?

I chose werecats for a couple of different reasons, one of them being that I absolutely love big cats. They’re fierce, aggressive, and dangerous, yet they also have a beautiful, playful, and gentle side to them. I think they’re more versatile than werewolves in that sense.  

What werecat would you want to shift into?

Though white tigers are beautiful, I would choose to shapeshift into a lion werecat. Lions are majestic, loyal, and will always be the king of the jungle.

Are you LDS?

Yes, I am. To learn more visit lds.org.

How do I get published?

You can check out my advice to writers here.

Is this the end of the FAQ?

Yes. Did you have another question? If so you can email me at Hezface@gmail.com.